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Highland Cattle Turned in Porcelain, Mohair and Cast Stone

Highland Cattle Figures Turned, Porcelain, Mohair, Cast Stone


All my creatures are handcrafted in my Asheville, NC studio using porcelain, castable stone and imported woven fur from Steiff-Schulte in Germany. I can angle the head a little up or down and am offering the one on the right looking down so it is making eye contact from a mantle or high shelf.

I make seven different positions of Coo and seven different styles of horn and they are all interchangeable. If you would like a different style of horn with you Coo than is shown on the website, just ask otherwise it will come with the one shown. The horn styles each have a letter description the one on the left is style "C" and the one on the right style "Y".

Size: 6" Tall


Breed Description

The Highland Cattle or Heilan Coo as the locals say is such a glorious symbol of Scotland. They look so rugged (and they are), but farmers have told me wonderful tales of how docile they can be, as well. My favorite story is of a Highland that would wait at the farmer's front door in the morning for breakfast, just like a dog, with his head almost touching the door.

Highand cattle are a Scottish breed of cattle with long horns and long wavy coats which are coloured black, brindled, red, yellow or dun. Highlands are known as a hardy breed due to the rugged nature of their native Scottish Highlands, with high rainfall and very strong winds. Highland cattle have been successfully established in many temperate countries and indeed in countries where winters are substantially colder than Scotland's such as in central Europe and Canada. Their hair gives protection during the cold winters and their skill in looking for food allows them to survive in steep mountain areas. They both graze and browse and eat plants which many other cattle avoid. --info via Wikipedia

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