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Sheep & Lamb Baby Shower Gifts & Decorations

Give a unique gift to a new mother who appreciates art. Sheep and lamb baby shower decorations are adorable reflections of the enduring love between a mother and her child. These figurines come in many different breeds and positions so the mom can start her own collection in the future. Each ewe and lamb pair are in an intimate pose, such as snuggling, sniffing or kissing so that reflect the intimacy a mother experiences with her new born.

In addition to lambs paired with their mother, there are also free standing lambs available which look wonderful together in their own flock, a delightful baby shower decoration in their own right. The lambs might surprise the new mom as they lead the way into the gifting room at the party. Sheep baby shower decorations are always covered with tactile woven wool fur and are made from handcrafted porcelain. Little lamb baby shower figurines have personalities of their own, and the new mom gets to take them home as lovely reminders of the day.