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Latxa Flock

Colin's Creatures Christmas Sheep, Latxa Flock


The Laxta breed has stunning detail in the face, enhanced by the heathered coloring of white into tan and brown. It blends perfectly with the coloring of its distressed (alpaca) fur. Save 10% of the set of three.

All my creatures are handcrafted in my Asheville, NC studio using porcelain, castable stone and imported woven fur from Steiff-Schulte in Germany.

Size: 5" Tall


Breed Description
The Latxa is a dairy breed that comes from the Sare area of the Pyrenees in France and is known for its beautiful coloring.The Latxa (Spanish: Lacho/Lacha) is a breed of domestic sheep native to the Basque Country of Spain. Mostly contained within the provinces of Biscay, Gipuzkoa and Navarre, Latxa are dairy sheep whose unpasteurized milk is used to produce Idiazbal and Roncal cheeses. There are two sub-types of the breed, a dark-faced and a blonde. --info via Wikipedia

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