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Angora Goats

Angora Goats


All my creatures are handcrafted in my Asheville, NC studio using porcelain, castable stone and imported woven fur from Steiff-Schulte in Germany.

Size: 6" Tall


Breed Description
The Angora Goat is retired until I can find another fur. The long mohair shown is no longer available. The product to appear on my website, there must be a price, thus the $1 price. Please let me know if you are interested in the Angora, as if there is more interest I will be more persistent in my search.

It has its origins in Asia Minor with written records dating to 1451 BC. It become known for its softness and fiber length and was imported into Europe in the 1500's. Angoras are sheered twice a year with each sheering producing more than 5 lbs of fiber. The fur that I use is the first sheering of an angora kid so it has the maximum curl and I also distress it to increase the curl. I wish a fur with a tighter curl were available but sadly it isn't.

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