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Sarda Ewe Protecting Lamb

Colin's Creatures Handmade mother's Day sheep Figures, Sarda Ewe Protecting Lamb


I love the way this mother and child are looking at each other so adoringly. The Sarda, with its beautiful mohair fur, is a dairy breed from the lowlands of Sardinia. I love the contrast of their clean lines with their luxurious fur.

All my creatures are handcrafted in my Asheville, NC studio using porcelain, castable stone and imported woven fur from Steiff-Schulte in Germany.

Size: 4 1/2" Tall Approx


Breed Description
The Sarda is primarily used to produce sheep milk for distinctive cheeses such as Pecorino Sardo, but also has a long, coarse white wool that is prized for weaving carpets and other goods. Ewes are polled, and rams are occasionally horned.

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